Mineral de Pozos projects a thousand million pesos of investment in mescal and t

Mexico, Nov. 17 (Notimex).- The Magic Village of Mineral de Pozos in Guanajuato projects investments of around one billion pesos in the coming years to increase its tourism infrastructure and the development of two mezcal production projects.

With this, it will position itself as one of the main tourist attractions of Mexico abroad, said Daniel Esquenazi, one of the investors who rescued what seven years ago was a ghost town.

He stressed that after receiving the Denomination of Origin of Mezcal, two companies: Buen Viaje and Amantes, will be part of the new projects in this town.

Both companies will implement programs to learn about the different phases of mezcal, from its sowing, palenque (harvest) and preparation, as well as tasting to visitors, he said in a statement.

This will include the construction of boutique hotels for lovers of this drink, both national and foreign, and those who want to know how mescal is made in these lands.

Esquenazi said that of the 111 Magical Towns that exist in Mexico, Mineral de Pozos stands out as a revelation where the influx of tourists from different countries that visit the town is increasing, which 100 years ago was a mining town.

He recalled that the place was abandoned at the beginning of the last century and became a ghost town, but now reborn as a pole of investment and cultural attraction, such as the recently inaugurated Arts Center, one of the largest in Latin America.

In addition, the infrastructure that includes ecotourism and visits to the ruins and abandoned mines with boutique hotel services makes a pleasant stay for the visitor.


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