Mexico remains a world leader for tourism

Mexico, Oct. 4  (Notimex).- Mexico is a tourism reference, not only in Latin America but worldwide, said Carlos Vogeler, Executive Director and Secretary of the World Tourism Organization (WTO) for Membership Relations.

"People all over the world are looking at what Mexico is doing and perhaps Mexicans are not sufficiently aware of the weight they have in the world in the field of contemporary tourism," he emphasized during his keynote address "A medium-sized and long term tourism".

In the Mexican Library of the Miguel Aleman Foundation, he added that Mexico's tourism strategy is used as an example and model in different parts of the world, as is the case of promotional campaigns and products with their own design.

It is the only country in Latin America, whose gastronomy was declared by UNSECO as a world heritage site, "there are values ??that give contemporary Mexican tourism a very clear leadership role," Vogeler said.



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