Tourist influx increases in Tamaulipas destinations

Ciudad Victoria, Mexico, Apr. 14 (Notimex).- In the early days of the Easter holiday period, just over 772 thousand visitors have enjoyed the beaches, rivers, lagoons, mountains, the Tula and Mier Magic Towns, the flavors and gastronomy, museums, parks and entertainment centers in the main cities of Tamaulipas.

Tamaulipas Tourism Minister María Isabel Gómez Castro said that compared to 2016, tourism has grown by 10 percent in the same number of days and more families are expected to enjoy this weekend.

She attributed this increase to the trust generated by the current state administration and the attention that has been devoted to taking care at all times of the integrity and safety of visitors.

"In Tamaulipas, we have prepared ourselves to receive our tourist friends and families from Tamaulipas who will take advantage of the rest days. We coordinate with different municipal, state and federal institutions for tourist assistance and assistance from Friday, April 7th," said Gómez Castro.

Playa Miramar is the most visited tourist destination in Tamaulipas since the beginning of the vacation; More than 300 thousand visitors have enjoyed the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and its white sands, also with concerts and nightly events.

Tampico continues with its history, gastronomy and its various entertainment venues, with an influx of about 170 thousand visitors. Baghdad Beach has also been visited by families from the border region as well as from Monterrey.

During this holiday season, Tamaulipas receives visitors from Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, San Luis Potosi, State of Mexico, Mexico City, Veracruz, many municipalities in the state and Texas, mainly.

The eve was the highest number of visitors in the entire state; More than 211 thousand visitors arrived at the different tourist sites that are monitored in Tamaulipas.

The number of visitors is expected to increase in the main tourist destinations during the weekend. 


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