Playa Miramar in Tamaulipas is positioned as a tourist destination

Tamaulipas, Mexico, Apr. 14 (Notimex).- Miramar beach, located in the south of Tamaulipas, is positioned as an important tourist site during this holiday period, as it registers a 45 percent increase in inflow compared to the reported in the same period of 2016.

The secretary of Municipal Tourism, María de Lourdes Aranda Jiménez, stressed that due to the growing trend of visitors to this area, the Tourist Attention Plan was launched.

"We are having a 45 percent average influx above 2016, this has been a trend since December, from what was the carnival, the holidays of March 21, we have exceeded expectations as to affluence," she said.

She said that most of the visitors come from entities such as Nuevo Leon, San Luis Potosí, as well as from Mexico City and Bajio, who come to enjoy this walk in the southern area of ??Tamaulipas.

The official explained that since the beginning of the vacation period, more than 16 charters were counted, for which there are two areas qualified to receive this type of transportation units.

Aranda Jiménez remarked that there are established monitoring points to ensure the safety of tourists, who enjoy the beach, can participate in the presentations of musical groups on a stage set to the seashore. 


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