Airport network reported increase in influx in May

Mexico, Jun. 20 (Notimex) .- From January to May this year, Airports and Auxiliary Services (ASA, for its acronym in Spanish) reported a 6.0 percent increase in passengers influx compared to the same period of 2015, because through their 18 terminals, it mobilized a million 42 thousand 15 people.

The agency said that airports recorded the highest passenger traffic in that period: Tepic with 46.9 percent, Loreto with 30 percent, Chetumal with 26.5 percent, Colima with 24.9 percent, and Uruapan with 23.8 percent.

In addition to Nuevo Laredo with 23.2 percent, Matamoros with 17.5 percent, Tehuacan with 16 percent, Puerto Escondido with 14.8 percent and Puebla with 14.4 percent.

In a statement he said that in terms of cargo, the volume mobilized in that period at the terminals that ASA manages, amounted to over one million 50 thousand kilograms, a figure 2.9 percent higher compared to the million 20 thousand kilograms recorded in 2015.

He explained that highlighted the airports of Campeche with 96.1 percent growth, Puebla with 6.2 percent, Chetumal with 5.9 percent, Matamoros with 5.5 percent, Poza Rica with 5.1 percent and Ciudad Victoria with 4.2 percent.

"Airports and Auxiliary Services is growing every day in service and quality, reaffirming its commitment to the country's economy to continue moving Mexico," noted the ASA Network.


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