Ministry of Tourism: Hotel industry must continue growing in Mexico

Mexico, Jun. 10 (Notimex) .- The tourism sector is experiencing one of its best moments and in order to keep it growing is important to boost the growth of the hotel industry, Tourism minister, Enrique de la Madrid Cordero said.

In a video-message sent to investors that were gathered in the Forum Caribbean and Mexico Hotel and Resort expansion, the favorable figures of the industry were highlighted, although it still requires greater investment.

“Tourism is passing through one of the best moments in our country. Tourism nowadays represents 8.5% of gross domestic product (GDP) but more important than that is that it has become one of the engines of our economy, it is a very important job generator, about nine million Mexicans live directly or indirectly from tourism, “he said.

By noting that tourism is the third largest net generator of currency in the country, he stressed the importance of this sector to grow and consolidate.

He said that in the first four months of this year, the arrival of foreign visitors grew 10%; however, in the US the increase was close to 14%, while in Argentina was 36%.

“That’s why if we want to keep growing in both international and domestic tourism, and especially on the program “we all travel through Mexico”, it is very important that the hotel industry in our country keeps growing,” he said.


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