Six Mexican beaches achieve quality tourism distinctive

Mexico, May 24 (Notimex).- The Ministry of Tourism (Sectur, for its acronym in Spanish) reported that six Mexican beaches obtained the Blue Flag distinctive, which seeks to place Mexico in the highest standards of quality among domestic and international tourists.

At the second meeting of the National Blue Flag Jury Season 2016-2017, Deputy minister of Quality and Regulation of the Tourism Ministry, Salvador Sanchez, said that "with the addition of six new beaches, Mexico will have 26 beaches and a marina which will show off the Blue Flag award; therefore, we renew our commitment to continue working in a coordinated manner."

He stressed that this international recognition gives certainty to the process of obtaining quality of Mexican beaches, which Pronatura Mexico carries out for the fourth year in coordination with the National Jury, chaired by the Tourism Ministry.

Under the National Tourism Certification System, he said that Blue Flag badges become important tools to strengthen the course we have set to lead Mexico to its full tourism potential.

Mexico is in a process of increasing tourism demand that requires improving the offer to compete successfully at the international level, it is for this reason that Blue Flag has great significance for the country, concluded Salvador Sanchez.

In turn, the national coordinator of the Blue Flag program, Joaquin Diaz, highlighted the commitment of Pronatura Mexico through distinctions, to preserve spaces and species in the country.

Therefore, "the agency dictates that 26 beaches and a marina meet the technical conditions to hold the international award for the 2016-2017 season," he said.

According to the Tourism Ministry, these six beaches, which will hold the award from July 1, are natural spaces that were rated by their good water quality, environmental management and education, safety and services.

It is noteworthy that the National Committee met in April and notified Pronatura Mexico A.C., that the international jury awarded the Blue Flag to 26 beaches and a marina in Mexico who applied to the process of obtaining the distinctive.

These six beaches were evaluated by the national jury headed by the Ministries of Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat, for its acronym in Spanish), Communications and Transport (SCT, for its acronym in Spanish), Navy (Semar, for its acronym in Spanish) and Health (SSA, for its acronym in Spanish), as well as the National Water Commission (Conagua, for its acronym in Spanish).


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