Puebla students create app for women safety

Puebla, May 13 (Notimex).- Students of the Faculty of Computer Science of the Autonomous University of Puebla (BUAP, for its acronym in Spanish) developed the app "Vuelve segura” (Safe Return), which aims to contribute to security particularly of women.

University students Fabiola Guevara Soriano and Antonio Alfredo Reyes Montero created the application, which has a panic button and a warning that triggers the sound of a siren to attract attention and help.

They indicated that the application also has an option to speed dial emergency numbers and a system of home support and an information section.

BUAP students explained that to use the interface, the user must register and provide three trusted contacts to whom information about their location and condition will be sent.

"By activating the panic button, the system automatically sends a message to any of the contacts provided, which contains a default text that says 'I'm in danger, please help me', followed by the data of the place in which the event is taking place, "said Fabiola Guevara.

He said that in addition to reporting the situation, the application automatically saves the data in a history so that the user can generate a report.

The application will show the trajectory in real time so that the contact can check if the person who accompanied arrived safely, or otherwise check what the last location where it stopped being traced was.

Meanwhile Antonio Alfredo Reyes Montero stressed that the application also allows to locate the areas of greatest insecurity in the city, which will be marked by pins on the system location, next to a small description as "alert, a man followed me three streets "or "I was the victim of an assault ".

"We seek to inform the public of the actual number of criminal cases that occur daily in the city as well as to publicize the sites of greatest risk for women," he said.

He said the system has a history of all the accompaniments that the person has carried out, as well as a special section in which women will find information about their rights, dependences that can support them and the types of existing violence.

BUAP stressed that students bring solutions for the safety of women and create awareness on the issues of security.


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