Mexican government modifies requirements for foreigners with no visa

Mexico, May 17 (Notimex).- Foreign nationals from member countries of the Pacific Alliance seeking to enter Mexico as visitors without permission to perform remunerated activities do not require visa if they can prove their permanent residence in those nations, as part of the requirements for admission.

In an agreement through which guidelines for procedures and immigration procedures are amended and added, the Interior Ministry establishes such requirement into the country in the form; internment of foreigners who do not require visa.

In an agreement published Tuesday in the Official Gazette, the dependence states that the document aims to strengthen the position of Mexico as a tourist and business destination; as well as to promote such activities, in addition to cultural and sports, among others.

Given the security measures that Canada, the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland or any of the countries of the Schengen Area adopted in the issuance of immigration documents, the Mexican government will facilitate entry to foreign holders with valid visa of those nations.

It will also facilitate entry into national territory in the condition of stay of visitors without permission to engage in gainful activities to foreign persons residing in a regular and ongoing manner in member countries of the Pacific Alliance: Colombia; Chile and Peru, who currently does not require visa.

The agreement, through which the Article 26 of the Guidelines for migration procedures and procedures is reformed, will operate from tomorrow, except for the requirement to submit a document certifying permanent residence in the member countries of the Pacific Alliance, which comes into force on July 1 this year.


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