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Xcaret Eco Theme Park — Places I’ve Been and Things I’ve Seen

Today we’ve planned a full day out at Xcaret, an environmentally friendly theme park showcasing the very best of Mexico’s flora, fauna, cuisine and folk traditions. The park has some impressive conservation credentials, with part of the admission price going to support programs protecting ecosystems and endangered species. via Xcaret Eco Theme Park — Places I’ve …

Light, colour, art! Day 1 in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico — Susan in Wanderland

The colours are an ever-shifting kaleidoscope of surreal beauty, as the sun, like some celestial lighting director, changes the light from softly luminous to crystalline and dazzling, and then, paints a tableau of glorious pinks, violets and molten gold before the star-studded velvet curtain of darkness descends on the horizon. San Miguel de Allende, a […] …